Estate Planning Newsletters

Welcome to the Sellers Johnson Law Estate Planning Newsletters.  We have two different volumes of estate planning newsletters--our Wealth Counselor Newsletter for our clients and our Wealth Advisor Newsletter for our wealth advisor partners.

Our Wealth Counselor Newsletter  for our clients is a quarterly electronic newsletter that covers topics of interest to our clients about estate planning such as Revocable Living Trusts; Special Needs Planning; Designating Beneficiaries for Retirement Plans; Providing Legacies for Generations; and more.

Our Elder Counselor Newsletter, also for our clients, is a bi-monthly electronic newsletter that covers topics of interest to our clients about elder planning and long term care planning such as Special Needs Planning; Long Term Care and Disability Planning; Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts; Guardianships; Veterans Benefits Planning; Irrevocable Trusts to protect government benefits; and more.

Our Wealth Advisor Newsletter is a monthly electronic newsletter that delves deep into advanced estate planning topics of interest to our Wealth Advisor partners, such as Inherited IRAs and Stand-Alone Retirement Trusts; Charitable Planning Opportunities; Business Succession Planning; Estate Planning for Disability; Taxation of Trusts; and more

You may subscribe to our monthly Estate Planning Newsletters using the subscription box in the margin to the right; or view the archive of our past newsletters, below.